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Crossword Answers : Heroine of "Measure for Measure." : ISABELLA
DARED Heroine of "Measure for Measure." : ISABELLA
ISABELA Heroine of "Measure for Measure."
NOEL "Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella " e.g.
KEATS "Isabella" poet
THEREIGNINSPAIN 1474-l504 to Ferdinand and Isabella?
THEREIGNINSPAIN 1474-l504, to Ferdinand and Isabella?
RICA Affluent to Isabella
RICA Affluent, to Isabella
COLON Cristobal ___ (Santa Maria's captain to Isabella)
QUEEN Elizabeth or Isabella
AVA Emma Olivia ___ Sophia Isabella (top-5 list for 2016)
SPANIARD Ferdinand or Isabella
REINA Ferdinand's Isabella
ROSSELLINI Ingrid's Isabella
ESTA Is to Isabella
ESTA Is for Isabella
EST Is, to Isabella
ESTA Is, to Isabella
REINA Isabella "por ejemplo"
REINA Isabella e.g.
REINA Isabella for example.
REINA Isabella for one