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Crossword Answers : Harry E. Fosdick's "___ Brown"
DEARMR Harry E. Fosdick's "___ Brown"
BRIANGRIFFIN "Ah the old alma mater. I tell you there's something magical about Brown" speaker who then notes "Yes. Yes it is." after being told "Brown is the color of poo!"
ERIC "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?" author Carle
ALE Brooklyn Brown or Newcastle Brown
ALDENTE Brooklyn Brown or Newcastle Brown
REDYED Brown then red then brown again maybe
ERIC Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? author Carle
JIM Brown who was a Brown
REDYED Brown, then red, then brown again, maybe
REDSOXNATION Brown, then red, then brown again, maybe
UPS Co. whose signature color is "Pullman brown" (which once led to the advertising slogan ""What can Brown do for you?")
IRIS Don't it make your brown eyes brown?
JIM Former Brown Brown
LETTERTOTHEFIRM Foxy Brown song used in Tarantino's "Jackie Brown"
CHESTNUTS Golden-brown or reddish-brown horses
PAM Grier of "Foxy Brown" and "Jackie Brown"
DEES NBA guard Brown and MLB outfielder Brown
UNIVERSALLY One Brown and one brown
UNIVERSITYSUGAR One Brown and one brown
GRIER Pam of "Foxy Brown" and "Jackie Brown"
PAMGRIER Star of "Foxy Brown" (1974) and "Jackie Brown" (1997)
PAMGRIER Star of "Foxy Brown" and "Jackie Brown"
BRAN What makes brown rice brown
LEROY ___ Misأ©rables.â€‌ nyt 1952 LES Bandleader Brown. nyt 1952 LES Man's nickname. nyt 1952 LESE Injured, as in ___ majeste. nyt 1952 LESE Injured: Fr. nyt 1952 LESE ___ Majestأ©. nyt 1952 LESE
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