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Crossword Answers : Green with the 2010 hit "Forget You"
CEDE Green with the 2010 hit "Forget You"
CEELO Green with the 2010 hit "Forget You"
OUBLIER To forget to Guy Forget
RAIN *The moment when you're on Final Jeopardy! and forget the name of the story where the guy turns into a bug (and then you lose and your dad brags that he wrote his college thesis on said story
RADIOEDIT Song version such as "Forget You" (better known as "Fuck You")
HUM What you do when you forget the words to a song
TENT What you feel when you forget your tix
TERROR What you feel when you forget your tix
TREAT "Then people gonna ___ you better. You're gonna find yes you will that you're beautiful as you feel" - "Beautiful"
HOOTIE ___ could I forget you, girl?
HOW "___ could I forget you girl?"
CEELO "'"'"Forget"'"' You" singer Green
AHEM "Did you forget about me?"
THATTHOUGHT "Don't forget what you just said"
MINDS "Don't You (Forget About Me)" Simple ___
AHEM "Don't you forget about me"
NOUN "Forget about your algebra and calculus / You can always do your homework on the morning bus / Can't tell a verb from a ___ / They're the nicest kids in town" ("Hairspray" lyric)
CEELO "Forget You" singer Green
UHNO "Yeah... you can just forget about it"
GOSHNO "You can dang-well forget about it!"
PIZZADUH "You can't forget the cheese and crust" rebuke?
ITRIED "You won't listen to me so forget it"
MILNE Author who wrote "Did you ever stop to think and forget to start again?"
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