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Crossword Answers : Good by
HASTA ___ la vista (good-by): Span
HAST ___ la vista (good-by): Span.
HASSOCK ___ la vista (good-by): Span.
HASTA ___ luego (good-by)
IMEASY "Either is good by me"
LOOS "Kiss Hollywood Good-By" author
ANITALOOS "Kiss Hollywood Good-by" memoirist
BLUE "The Deep ___ Good-by"
Authorized According to the laws of averages; as, the loss must be made good by average contribution.
TATA Careless good-by
TATA Careless good-by.
SOLONG Casual good-by
SOLONG Casual good-by.
RATE Considered good by Moody's
RATEDA Considered good by Moody's
IMEASY Either is good by me
PEACE Garroway good-by
ADIOS Good-by
ADIEU Good-by
TATA Good-by
VALE Good-by at the Forum
ADIOS Good-by in 33
ADIOS Good-by in 33 Down.
ADIOS Good-by in Cadiz.
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