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Crossword Answers : Go: Scot
GAE Go: Scot
ORRA Odd: Scot
HEIR ___ law (legatee): Scot.
HEIRAT ___ law (legatee): Scot.
DRED ___ Scot decision
AULD ___-farrant (wise beyond one's years): Scot.
HOOP ___, mon (Scot's utterance)
HOOT "___ mon" (Scot's words)
RICO "Sanctuary Medicines" Scot
KET A good-for-nothing: Scot
KERSEY A good-for-nothing: Scot.
AWEE A little (while): Scot
AWE A little (while): Scot.
AWEE A little (while): Scot.
AWEE A little while: Scot
AWED A little while: Scot.
AWEE A little while: Scot.
CLAN A Scot and his relatives
BURR A Scot has one
BUNKO A Scot has one
LOCH A Scot's swimming hole
AGIN A second time to a Scot
BENN A striped silk sash: Scot
BENJAMIN A striped silk sash: Scot.
AWA Absent: Scot
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