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Crossword Answers : Gives a "go ahead"
OKS Gives a "go ahead"
OKAYS Gives a go-ahead to
OUTCLASSES Is distinctly ahead of
BEAST ___ ahead (lead)
BEASTEP ___ ahead (lead)
SPRING ___ ahead, fall back
SPRING ___ ahead; fall back
PLAN ___ ahead!
ISEEA ___ long life ahead (palmist's pronouncement)
STOPAT ___ nothing (barge ahead)
ONEUP ___ on (ahead of).
STEAL ___ on (get ahead of).
STEALAMARCH ___ on (get ahead of).
UPBY ___ one (barely ahead)
NOSED ___ past (moved ahead of)
ALPHA ___ Time Zone (one hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time in the military)
GEE ___ up (go ahead!)
IDARE ___ you! ("Go ahead, make my day!")
IDARE ___ you! ("Go right ahead!")
PLAN ____ ahead!
SCHEDULINGCOORDINATOR ... "Go ahead make my day"
SCENESTEALER ... "Go ahead, make my day"
ASKME 'Go ahead ___ anything'