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Crossword Answers : Garments called "clam diggers."
DECIDES Garments called "clam diggers."
DECKPANTS Garments called "clam diggers."
DECKPANTS Garments called "clam diggers"
PANTS Clam diggers e.g.
PANTS Clam diggers jeans etc.
PANT Clam diggers
PANTS Clam diggers
PANTS Clam diggers, e.g.
PANTS Clam diggers, jeans, etc.
HODS Clam diggers' containers
PEDALPUSHERS Clam diggers' kin
CAPRIS Cousins of clam diggers
PANTS Gauchos or clam diggers
SEAS Locale for clam diggers
SEASHORE Locale for clam diggers
SEASALT Locale for clam diggers
LEROY "Gold Diggers of 1933" director Mervyn
RUBYKEELER "Gold Diggers of 1933" star
WEREINTHEMONEY "The Gold Diggers' Song": 1933
FORTYNINERS (**) Some 19th century diggers
MINERPARTY Celebration for diamond diggers?
MINER Coal diggers
MINERS Coal diggers
UMP Coal diggers' org.
UMW Coal diggers' org.
LPS Crate diggers' finds
HOES Diggers
MINERS Diggers
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