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Crossword Answers : French "present"
ICI French "present"
ICHAT French "present"
HERE "I'm present " or "Take this present"
ERENOW Before the present before the present
ERELONG Before the present, before the present
WRAPS Gets a present ready to present
HERE I'm present, or "Take this present"
GIFTWRAP Nicely present a present
GIFTBOX One way to present your present
GIFTWRAP Prepare to present as a present
GIFTWRAP Prepare to present, as a present
BESTOW Present as a present
TENSE Present for the verb "present"
REGIFT Present a pre-sent present?
TENSE Present, for the verb "present"
ATTEMPT You used to come ___ o'clock . . . â€‌ nyt 1960 ATTEND Be present at. nyt 1960 ATTEND Give heed to. nyt 1960 ATTENDED Accompanied. nyt 1960 ATTENDED Was present at. nyt 1960 ATTENDED Was pres
YPRES Belgian city near the French border (in BIRTHDAY PRESENT)
METZ City, once French, then German, then French, now German
METRONOME City, once French, then German, then French, now German.
GENET Edmond-Charles ___ French ambassador to the U.S. who recruited American soldiers for the French Revolution
DIJON French alternative to French's
BATEAU French boat type that's French for "boat"
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