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Crossword Answers : Flashes
GLINTS Flashes
ICY Flashes
GLEN Flashes
INST Flashes
TRIBE Flashes
IDEAS Flashes
GLEAM Flashes
SECS Flashes
GLEAMS Flashes
STROBE Flashes
JIFFS Flashes
TRICES Flashes
ELECTRIC __ clam flashes like a disco ball
KENT ___ State home of the Golden Flashes
KENO ___ State, home of the Golden Flashes
AROAR "... your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on ___?" (Hamlet)
IDEAS Brain flashes
GLINTS Brief flashes
GLEN Brief flashes
GLINTS Brief flashes of light
IDEAS Bright flashes
SHININGS Bright flashes
VIVA Churchillian flashes
VSIGNS Churchillian flashes
IDEAS Creative flashes
FADE Cultural flashes in the pan
FADS Cultural flashes in the pan
IDEAQUEENS Drag show stars with many creative flashes
SPARETIRE Electrical flashes
SPARKS Electrical flashes
SPARKLER Electrical flashes
FULGURATE Emit flashes
CORUSCATE Emit vivid flashes of light
SPARKY Emitting flashes of light
SPARKY Emitting flashes of light.
SPARKS Emitting flashes of light.
GLEAMS Faintly flashes
STREAKS Fast flashes
SPARKS Firecracker flashes
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