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Crossword Answers : Fairly good
DECENT Fairly good
NOTBAD Fairly good
NOTSOBAD Fairly good
NOTSO ___ bad (fairly good)
NOTS ___ bad (fairly good).
NOTSO ___ bad (fairly good).
TOO Fairly good game in bowling
BMINUS Fairly good grade
TIDY Fairly good: Colloq
TIDY Fairly good: Colloq.
TIDIER Fairly good: Colloq.
DECENT Fairly good.
NOTSO Fairly good.
NOTATES Fairly good.
NOTBAD Fairly good.
DECEMBER Fairly good.
NOTSOBAD Fairly good.
HANDSOMEISH Like a fairly good-looking man
SOBAD Not ___ (fairly good)
SOB Not ___ (fairly good).
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