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Crossword Answers : Evaluation.
ASSESSMENT Evaluation.
ASSESS Evaluation.
APGAR __ score: neonatal evaluation
SANITY ___ check (evaluation of rationality)
APGAR ___ score (neonate evaluation)
APGAR ___ score: neonatal evaluation
APACE ___ test (evaluation given to newborns)
APGAR ___ test (evaluation given to newborns)
BETA ___ test (pre-release evaluation)
PRICE ___-earnings ratio (statistic used in stock evaluation)
SELECTS ___-evaluation
SELF ___-evaluation
WAS "This ___ the greatest championship I have known" (Sarazen's evaluation of Greg Norman's 1993 British Open win)
PEERREVIEW *Evaluation by one's colleagues
REPORTCARD *Performance evaluation
CRIT Acad. evaluation
TEST Academic evaluation
CRITIQUE Analysis, evaluation, especially of literature
STATCAST App used by MLB for player evaluation
ITISN2RTHADARN Bad evaluation
TESTS Bases for evaluation
TESTDRIVE Car evaluation (2 wds.)
ROAD Cavalier evaluation?
ROADTEST Cavalier evaluation?
RERATED Changed an evaluation
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