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Crossword Answers : Equality
PAR Equality
PANNE Equality
PARIS Equality
PARENTS Equality
PARITY Equality
RACIAL ___ equality
WAL ___-Mart v. Dukes (landmark gender equality case)
IFA "'Equality' I spoke the word as ___ wedding vow..." (Dylan line)
NEBR "Equality before the law" is its motto: Abbr.
NEB "Equality Before the Law" state (abbr.)
CIVICS "You learn about equality in history and ___ but you find out life is not really like that": Arthur Ashe
Assastion A companion; one frequently in company with another, implying intimacy or equality; a mate; a fellow.
PAR A level of equality
PAPUA A level of equality.
EMMA Actress and gender equality advocate Watson
FEMINISM Advocates equality for women
NAACP African-American equality grp.
FREIGHT Alarming equality
FAYE Center for Gender Equality president Wattleton
GLORIASTEINEM Co-organizer of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality
GLITCH Co-organizer of the 1970 Women's Strike for Equality
ALGERIA Colony granted equality by De Gaulle
ALGER Colony granted equality by De Gaulle.
ALGERIA Colony granted equality by De Gaulle.
RACIAL Congress of ___ Equality
RACIAL Congress of ___ Equality (civil rights group)
WOMENSMARCH Demonstration for gender equality
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