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Crossword Answers : Electrician
GAFFER Electrician
WIRER Electrician
WIREMAN Electrician
SHORTORDER ... in __: electrician
SHORTORDER "... in ___": electrician
ANITABREAKER "Giving You the Best That I Got" singer who reinvented herself as an electrician?
POWERLESSLY "No juice " said the electrician ___
POWERLESSLY "No juice," said the electrician ___
AMPERE A to an electrician
GAFFER A gang leader or a lighting electrician
AMPERE A, to an electrician
TERSEST American inventor and electrician (1857–1943).
SEEINGTHELIGHT An electrician is always...
SPARKY Bad electrician's nickname?
ACDC Both ways to an electrician
ACCT Both ways, to an electrician
ACDC Both ways, to an electrician
BOAT Cabaret pianist who would make a lousy electrician?
BOATER Cabaret pianist who would make a lousy electrician?
BOBBYSHORT Cabaret pianist who would make a lousy electrician?
WIRER Cable guy or electrician at times
WIRE Cable guy or electrician, at times
PULLTHEPLUG Call it quits like an electrician?
WATTSFORLUNCH Description of the contents of the electrician's brown bag?
WIRED Did an electrician's job
REWIRED Did electrician's work
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