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Crossword Answers : Dodson and Fogg in "Pickwick Papers."
SOLICITORS Dodson and Fogg in "Pickwick Papers."
SOLES Dodson and Fogg, in "Pickwick Papers."
SOLICITORS Dodson and Fogg, in "Pickwick Papers"
MRSLEOHUNTER "Pickwick Papers" lady
IPSWICH "Pickwick Papers" setting
SERIAL "The Pickwick Papers " originally
SERIAL "The Pickwick Papers," originally
SAMWELLER "The Pickwick Papers" quipster
SERJEANTBUZFUZ Barrister in "Pickwick Papers"
SAMUELSLUMKEY Candidate in The Pickwick Papers
SNOBS Character in "Pickwick Papers."
SNODGRASS Character in "Pickwick Papers"
SERIAL Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers " originally
SERIAL Dickens' "The Pickwick Papers," originally
WAR Family in the "Pickwick Papers."
WARDLES Family in the "Pickwick Papers."
DODO Firm of lawyers in "Pickwick Papers."
DODSON&FOGG Firm of lawyers in "Pickwick Papers"
SERIAL Form of first Pickwick Papers
SERGE Form of first Pickwick Papers.
SURE His writings inspired Dickens' "Pickwick Papers"
SURTEES His writings inspired Dickens' "Pickwick Papers"
TROTSKY Jingle's servant in "Pickwick Papers."
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