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Crossword Answers : Director Brooks of "Spaceballs"
MEL Director Brooks of "Spaceballs"
ICANDY ... a "Spaceballs" actor?
SPOOF "Airplane!" or "Spaceballs"
SPOOFS "Austin Powers" and "Spaceballs " e.g.
SPOOFS "Spaceballs " et al.
SPOOF "Spaceballs " for one
DELUISE "Spaceballs" actor
WYNER "Spaceballs" actor George
SPOOFS "Spaceballs" and the like
MEL "Spaceballs" director Brooks
SPOOF "Spaceballs" or "Scary Movie"
VESPA "Spaceballs" princess
MORANIS "Spaceballs" star
LESLIEBEVIS *"Spaceballs" actress whose character calls President Skroob at inconvenient times
ALIEN 1979 film parodied in "Spaceballs"
ALICE 1979 film parodied in "Spaceballs"
DAPHNEZUNIGA Actress who played Princess Vespa in "Spaceballs"
SPLITS Airplane! or "Spaceballs"
SCHWARTZ All-powerful "Spaceballs" stuff with "the"
MEL Brooks of "Spaceballs"
MEH Brooks of "Spaceballs"
MEL Brooks with a dual role in "Spaceballs"
DELUISE Dom who voiced Pizza the Hutt in "Spaceballs"