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Crossword Answers : Dinners
MEALS Dinners
ATEA "I ___ million dinners..." (Queen lyric)
ZZTOP "TV Dinners" band
ARIVALDATE Adversary who shows up at romantic dinners?
SPILLEDTHEBEANS At surprise dinners the klutz ___
SPIKES At surprise dinners the klutz _____
CASSEROLES Baked dinners I'm making an awful lot of these days
SPIT Bar tended at dinners
AMYS Big name in organic TV dinners
POTROASTS Big Sunday dinners maybe
POTASH Big Sunday dinners, maybe
POTROASTS Big Sunday dinners, maybe
SPEC Blue plate dinners
SPECIALS Blue plate dinners
LEMENU Brand of microwavable dinners
DDAATTEESS Candlelit dinners for four, say
CHRISTMASHAMS Centerpieces at yuletide dinners
SEDERS Ceremonial dinners
SEDER Ceremonial dinners
SEDATE Ceremonial dinners
FEASTS Ceremonial dinners
SEDERS Ceremonial dinners at Passover
RCMPROASTS Comedic dinners for the Mounties?
STEWS Crock pot dinners
FEASTS Deluxe dinners
MRES Desert Storm dinners for short
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