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Crossword Answers : Determiner
DECIDER Determiner
PETAL "She loves me not" determiner
FINAL Champ determiner often
FINAL Champ determiner, often
ACIDTEST Credibility determiner
FRYE Depth of field determiner
FSTOP Depth of field determiner
IQTEST Determiner of genius
GENE Determiner of heredity
PTS Determiner of NHL standings
PTOLEMY Determiner of NHL standings
ATEST Determiner of nuke's state
DECIDER Determiner.
DECERNED Determiner.
AGE Discount determiner maybe
AGE Discount determiner, maybe
BAC DUI determiner (anagram of CAB)
REES Fairness determiner
REF Fairness determiner
SEMIS Finalists determiner
SEXER Gender determiner as on a chicken farm
SEWS Gender determiner, as on a chicken farm
SEXER Gender determiner, as on a chicken farm
FINAL Grade determiner maybe
EXAM Grade determiner often
TEST Grade determiner often
EXAM Grade determiner perhaps
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