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Crossword Answers : Debunked?
ARISEN Debunked?
ARILS Debunked?
AROSE Debunked?
ESP "Debunked!" topic
ESP "Skill" that's frequently (and often easily) debunked
OREO Cookie whose "Templar" design elements have been debunked by
LIE Debunked claim
ZOMBIELIES Debunked claims that don't go away
MYTH Debunked idea
URI Debunked mentalist ___ Geller
URI Debunked mentalist Geller
UPN Debunked mentalist Geller
URI Debunked mystic Geller
URI Debunked paranormalist Geller
DUCKANDCOVER Debunked procedure to avoid harm from nuclear fallout
URI Debunked psychic Geller
LIES Debunked statements
FLAT Debunked theory after halt for refreshment
HOARY Debunked thing
HOAX Debunked thing
ESP Debunked! topic
ESP Frequently debunked ability
ESOS Frequently debunked ability
ELDERS Group with debunked "Protocols"
ELDERSOFZION Group with debunked "Protocols"
ASININE Like many debunked conspiracy theories
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