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Crossword Answers : Day
TRITE Like a Christmas-themed crossword on Christmas Day or a Valentine's Day-themed crossword on Valentine's Day or a Pi forget I said that
ONCEA "The only time I wish you weren't gone / Is ___ day every day all day long" (Connie Smith song)
ETE Day after day after day . . .
ETERNAL Day after day after day...
JUNE It has both National Cheese Day and National Cognac Day... on the same day no less
EMBER ___ Day (day of fasting)
THREE ___ Kings Day (Hispanic observance on the last day of the Christmas season)
ADA ___ Lovelace Day (day highlighting the accomplishments of women in science)
ALL ___ Saints' Day (the day after Halloween)
KERI "All day soft All day smooth" lotion
KERI "All day soft. All day smooth" lotion
ALEVE "All Day Strong All Day Long" sloganeer
ALEVE "All Day Strong. All Day Long." brand
ALEVE "All Day Strong. All Day Long" anti-inflammatory
ALEVE "All Day Strong. All Day Long" brand
ALEVE "All Day Strong. All Day Long" medicine
ALEVE "All Day Strong. All Day Long" sloganeer
END "At the ___ of the day you're another day older" - "Les Mis"
END "At the ___ of the day you're another day older" - "Les Miserables"
HEAL "Day after day / Wishing all our cares away / Trying to fight the things we feel / But some hurts never ___ / Some ghosts are never gone / But we go on / We still go on" ("Next To Normal" lyr
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