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Crossword Answers : Danny Kaye
MITTY Danny Kaye
TOPSPOT Danny Kaye's position in the billing: 2 wds
KNOCKON "___ Wood" (Danny Kaye movie)
ILL "Oboe: an ___ wind that no one blows good" (Danny Kaye)
RIVIERA "On the ___" (Danny Kaye movie)
MEANDTHECOLONEL 1958 Danny Kaye film
AHSO Danny Kaye being Japanese.
AHSIN Danny Kaye being Japanese.
COURTJESTER Danny Kaye classic with "The"
COURTJESTER Danny Kaye classic (with "The")
COURTJESTER Danny Kaye classic, with "The"
MEANDTHECOLON Danny Kaye movie that tells the inside story?
FIVEPENNIES Danny Kaye musical with "The"
TWO Danny Kaye musical about Noah's ark
TWOBYTWO Danny Kaye musical about Noah's ark
FIVEPENNIES Danny Kaye musical, with "The"
MERRYANDREW Danny Kaye picture
MERRY Danny Kaye picture.
MERRYANDREW Danny Kaye picture.
WALTERMITTY Danny Kaye portrayal
ANDERSEN Danny Kaye portrayal
NOAH Danny Kaye role
COBBLER Danny Kaye role
COBB Danny Kaye role.
SCAT Danny Kaye type of singing
SCAT Danny Kaye type of singing.
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