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Crossword Answers : Crewmen
HANDS Crewmen
OARS Crewmen
TARS Crewmen
TARPS Crewmen
NUTTY Crewmen
TANKERS Abrams crewmen
NEWCOMER Crewmen moving around circle recent arrival (8)
OARS Crewmen.
OARLOCK Crewmen.
REBIND CSS Virginia crewmen, for short
COCKLESHELLS Flimsy boats for crewmen
TARS H.M.S. Pinafore crewmen
OARS Henley crewmen
APORT It's left to the crewmen
STROKEOARS Key crewmen
STROKE Key crewmen.
STROKEOARS Key crewmen.
NORSE Longship crewmen
LIMEYS Lord Nelson's crewmen
RUSSIANS Many Red October crewmen presumably
PIRATESHEEP Meek Jolly Roger crewmen?
REBS Merrimack crewmen for short
REBS Merrimack crewmen, for short
EESGH Number of crewmen having okay vision (8)
COARSER One hundred crewmen um less refined (7)
SULU One of Kirk's crewmen
HARPOONERS Some Pequod crewmen
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