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Crossword Answers : Creator of TV's "Alias"
JIMJAMS Creator of TV's "Alias"
JJABRAMS Creator of TV's "Alias"
OLIN "Alias" director or "Alias" actress (unrelated to each other)
AKA Alias alias
JENNIFER __ Garner, US actress of Alias and Going on
DIANA __ Prince, Wonder Woman's alias
LEX ___ Barker, alias Tarzan
LEWISITE ___ Barker, alias Tarzan.
TITY ___ Boi (alias of 2 Chainz once a breastfed only child)
SYDNEY ___ Bristow (butt-kicking "Alias" protagonist)
SEAN ___ Connery alias 007.
SEAN ___ Connery, alias
SEAN ___ Connery, alias 007.
ERIK ___ Lehnsherr (alias of the comics' Magneto)
FESS ___ Parker, alias Davy Crockett
FESS ___ Parker, alias Davy Crockett.
KYLE ___ Rayner alias of a Green Lantern
DARTH ___ Sidious (alias of Emperor Palpatine)
APHEX ___ Twin (alias of electronic musician Richard D. James)
SARAH ___ Williams Huck Finn's female alias
SARA ___ Williams, Huck Finn's female alias
ABC 'Alias' airer
ABAT 'Alias' airer
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