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Crossword Answers : Creative "code" anagram
DECO Creative "code" anagram
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OMERTA Italian code of silence (anagram of TO REAM)
MARYMAGDALENE LEGENDARY MAMA in "The Da Vinci Code" (an anagram not mentioned in the original book)
SKU Code hidden in a bar code
IGPAYATINLAY Secret code in the secret code
IGORS Secret code, in the secret code
ELAN __ vital (creative force)
COOK ___ the books (do "creative accounting")
ELAN ___ vital (creative force)
ELAN ___ vital (creative impulse)
OPART '60s creative movement
PEPPERMINTJACK "Ahahaha these yuletide quesadillas are so... creative! Did you use ___?"
EGOS "Creative differences"
ARTSY "Creative"
IMADE "Look what ___!" (creative child's announcement)
LUCAS "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" creative consultant George and that's it
GENIUSIDEA "That's super-creative thinking!"
LISABONET "The Cosby Show" cast member fired in 1991 over "creative differences"
KNEX "The world's most creative construction toy" sloganeer
NEATIDEA "Very creative thought!"
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