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Crossword Answers : Cleaver's "Soul ___"
ONICE Cleaver's "Soul ___"
ICE Cleaver's "Soul on ___"
ONICE Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul ___"
ICE Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul on ___"
ONETO Cleaver's "Soul _____"
ICE Eldridge Cleaver's "Soul on __"
HIL ___ St. Soul (U.K. R&B/soul group)
VIVALASVEGAS Elvis standard that begins "Bright light city gonna set my soul / Gonna set my soul on fire"
ESSENCE Heart soul or heart and soul
ESSENCE Heart, soul, or heart and soul
Anglo-Saxon The belief that inanimate objects and the phenomena of nature are endowed with personal life or a living soul; also, in an extended sense, the belief in the existence of soul or spirit apart
SOUL Cleaver's "___ on Ice"
JUNE "Beaver" Cleaver's mom
THEODORE "Beaver" Cleaver's real name
WANT Beaver Cleaver's dad
WARD Beaver Cleaver's dad
WARCUTSFISHSNAP Beaver Cleaver's dad
GEE Beaver Cleaver's exclamation
GECKO Beaver Cleaver's exclamation
WARD Beaver Cleaver's father
THEODORE Beaver Cleaver's first name
THEODORE Beaver Cleaver's given name
MAYFIELD Beaver Cleaver's hometown
JUNE Beaver Cleaver's mom
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