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Crossword Answers : Ceremonial
STAT Ceremonial
RITE Ceremonial
STATE Ceremonial
FORMAL Ceremonial
RITUAL Ceremonial
HIGHCHURCH *Ceremonial as Anglican ritual (31)
COLORGUARDS *Ceremonial flag carriers
HIGHCHURCH *Ceremonial, as Anglican ritual (31)
SASH Ambassador's ceremonial accessory
SASE Ambassador's ceremonial accessory
SASES Ambassador's ceremonial accessory
ORGY Ancient Greek ceremonial rite
DAFE Auto-___ (ceremonial burning)
CROSIER Bishop's ceremonial staff
RITUALS Books of ceremonial forms
RITTER Books of ceremonial forms.
Phurba Buddhist ceremonial knife
SAGES Burns ceremonial herbs
INURN Bury in a ceremonial vase
MACERS Carriers of ceremonial staffs
MACARONI Carriers of ceremonial staffs
XAT Carved ceremonial post of Indians
XANADU Carved ceremonial post of Indians.
IDO Ceremonial 'yes'
IDO Ceremonial "certainly"
IDO Ceremonial "yes"
SASH Ceremonial accessory
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