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Crossword Answers : Carpenter
NAILER Carpenter
JOINER Carpenter
NAILER Carpenter's tool or a carpenter at times
NAILER Carpenter's tool, or a carpenter, at times
MITER __ box (carpenter's aid)
STUD __ finder: carpenter's tool
MITER ___ box (carpenter's aid)
LONESOMEEND ___ Carpenter football and Vietnam hero.
LIZ ___ Carpenter Lady Bird's secretary
KANYE ___ Carpenter
KARE ___ Carpenter
LONESOMEEND ___ Carpenter, football and Vietnam hero
LONELY ___ Carpenter, football and Vietnam hero.
LIZ ___ Carpenter, Lady Bird's secretary
STUD ___ finder (carpenter's tool)
STUD ___ finder: carpenter's tool
THEY ___ Live (1988 John Carpenter horror satire starring Roddy Piper)
COPES ___ saw (carpenter's curve cutter)
COPING ___ saw (carpenter's curve cutter)
IFI ___ Were a Carpenter
IFI ____ Were a Carpenter
THEY "___ Live" (1988 John Carpenter horror satire starring Roddy Piper)
IFI "___ Were a Carpenter"
SEE "'So I ___ ' said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw"
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