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Crossword Answers : C. A. tree
EBOE C. A. tree
TREBLE The ___ of Liberty.â€‌ nyt 1953 TREE Ailanthus or banyan. nyt 1953 TREE Arbor vitae. nyt 1953 TREE Arborvitae. nyt 1953 TREE Banyan. nyt 1953 TREE Breadfruit. nyt 1953 TREE Conifer. nyt 1953
TULIP __ tree (Indiana's state tree)
TUESDAY ___ tree (Indiana state tree)
TULIP ___ tree (Indiana state tree)
TULIP ___ tree (Indiana's state tree)
NOONE ... tree falls in the forest and ___... lat 2002 NOONE ...tree falls in the forest and ___..."
Aquarellist A dwarf tree, one in size between a shrub and a tree; a treelike shrub.
AVOID A handsome Asiatic tree (Melia azedarach), common in the southern United States; -- called also, Pride of India, Pride of China, and Bead tree.
TRIMMING Adding to a tree, or subtracting from a tree
Apparency Any tree genus Pyrus which has the stalk sunken into the base of the fruit; an apple tree.
ASH Certain tree or the remains of a tree
LINDENLINENLINE Cord strung tree-to-tree for drying sheets?
STUMP Final form for the tree in "The Giving Tree"
AWW It can chop a tree down ... and then chop a tree up
AXE It can chop a tree down... and then chop a tree up
APTNESS Resembling a tree; becoming woody in stalk; dendritic; having crystallizations disposed like the branches and twigs of a tree.
VIOLET She onced asked Charlie Brown "Can't you even tell a good tree from a poor tree?"
Aldermanic The Honey mesquite (Prosopis juliflora), a small tree found from California to Buenos Ayres; also, its sweet, pulpy pods. A valuable gum, resembling gum arabic, is collected from the tree in
AQUARIUMS The strawberry tree, a genus of evergreen shrubs, of the Heath family. It has a berry externally resembling the strawberry; the arbute tree.
Allower The tree that bears the fruit; almond tree.
ALOE Tree ___ (quiver tree)
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