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Crossword Answers : C&W artist?
DAIS C&W artist?
DIEGO Artist Frida's artist husband
ONO Artist who married an artist
ISMAIL __ Acar, Turkish artist
PIERRE __ Bonnard, French artist
JACKIE __ Chan, Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director
LUCIAN __ Freud, portrait artist
Wassily __ Kandinsky, Russian abstract artist
KOOL __ Moe Dee (rap artist)
KEYSER __ S?ze, Usual Suspects con artist
LEOARDO ___ ___ "Portrait of a Musician" artist familiarly
WEBERS ___ ___ Works of artist Max
FOLEY ___ artist sound-effects specialist
CON ___ artist
FOCI ___ artist (film crew member)
FOLEY ___ artist (film crew member)
CON ___ artist (scammer)
FOLEY ___ artist (sound effects editor)
FOLEY ___ artist (sound effects specialist)
FOLDTHELAUNDRY ___ artist (sound effects specialist)
CON ___ artist (swindler)
FOGY ___ artist, sound-effects specialist
FOLEY ___ artist, sound-effects specialist
TER ___ Borch Dutch artist
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