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Crossword Answers : Brit's "Goodbye!"
PIP Brit's "Goodbye!"
PIPPIP Brit's "Goodbye!"
ADIEU "Goodbye!" (goodbye to what? consonants? zing!)
CHEERIO Brit's goodbye
TATA Brit’s goodbye
YELLOW __ Brick Road, Elton John said goodbye to this
KISSIT __ goodbye
GDAY ___ : hello :: hooroo : goodbye
BADE ___ adieu (said goodbye to)
KISSTHE ___ Boys Goodbye
BADE ___ farewell (said goodbye)
HASTA ___ la vista (goodbye): Span
HASTA ___ la vista (goodbye): Span.
HAST ___ la vista (goodbye): Span.
HASSOCK ___ la vista (goodbye): Span.
HASTA ___ luego! (Mexican's goodbye)
TAKELEAVE ___ of (say goodbye to)
TAKELEAVE ___ of (say goodbye to).
TAKEFOR ___ of (say goodbye to).
IRA ___ Says Goodbye (Bernard Waber children's book)
AUF ___ Wiedersehen (German goodbye)
AUDITS ___ Wiedersehen (German goodbye)
AUDITORIUM ___ Wiedersehen (German goodbye)
HASTA _____ luego (Spanish goodbye)
HELLO ___, Goodbye, Beatles song
KISSIT '___ goodbye'
EVRY '-- Time We Say Goodbye'
EVERLYS '-- Time We Say Goodbye'
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