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Crossword Answers : Brimmed hat
FEDORA Brimmed hat
CAP Brimmed hat
FAX Brimmed hat
STETSON A wide-brimmed hat, associated with cowboys
MINNIEDRIVER Actress trick-or-treating in a suit and shiny brimmed hat?
ODDJOB Bond villain who throws a steel-brimmed hat
STETSON Broad-brimmed hat
SHOVEL Broad-brimmed hat
SAIL Flat-brimmed hat
SAILOR Flat-brimmed hat
STETSON High wide-brimmed hat
STERNLY High, wide-brimmed hat
SEMI It may be driven by a dude in an ugly flat-brimmed hat
FEDORA Men's brimmed hat
DER Narrow-brimmed hat
DERBY Narrow-brimmed hat
PANAMA Wide-brimmed hat
SOMBRERO Wide-brimmed hat
SKIMMER Wide-brimmed hat
BOATER Wide-brimmed hat
SOMBRERO Wide-brimmed hat (8)
FEDORA Wide-brimmed hat often sported by Sinatra
AMISH Wide-brimmed hat wearers
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