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Crossword Answers : Breed of cat
SOMALI Breed of cat
SIAMESE Breed of cat
REX Breed of cat
MANX Breed of cat
SOLONGAS Breed of cat
ANGORA Breed of cat goat or rabbit
BURMESE Breed of cat known for playful attitude
MALT Breed of cat or dog
MALTESE Breed of cat or dog
MALLE Breed of cat or dog
MALLOMARS Breed of cat or dog
ANGOLA Breed of cat or rabbit
ANGORA Breed of cat or rabbit
ANGLO Breed of cat, goat or rabbit
SIAMESE Breed of cat.
MANX Breed of cat.
SIAM Breed of cat.
MANUS Breed of cat.
REX Cornish ___ (breed of cat)
MAU Egyptian ___ (breed of cat)
MATZO Egyptian ___ (breed of cat)
ANGORA Longhaired breed of cat rabbit or goat
COON Maine ___ (breed of cat)
DOMESTIC The Manx is a __ breed of cat with no tail.
HAIRLESS The Sphynx is a __ breed of cat
MAINE With 29 Down, breed of cat
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