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Crossword Answers : Band with the '79 album "Discovery"
ELO Band with the '79 album "Discovery"
XRAY discovery
NORTHPOLE discovery
RADIUM discovery
DYNAMITE discovery
ROSETTA historic discovery near Alexandria: __ Stone
COLUMBUS __ Day marks the Spanish discovery of the Americas
ETA ___ Carinae (1677 Halley discovery)
VASCO ___ da Gama of the Age of Discovery
SANTO ___ Domingo (Columbus discovery of 1492)
EDISON ___ effect (1883 physics discovery)
EDISON ___ effect (physics discovery)
EASTER ___ Island discovery of Sunday April 5 1722
EASTER ___ Island, discovery of Sunday, April 5, 17
EASTER ___ Island, discovery of Sunday, April 5, 1722
EASEUP ___ Island, discovery of Sunday, April 5, 1722
EASTER ___ Island, discovery of Sunday, April1722
OHM ___ law (1840's discovery)
OHMS ___ law (1840's discovery)
JAVA ___ Man (discovery of 1891)
PILT ___ man, English discovery of
PILOTING ___ man, English discovery of 1911.
SUTTERS ___ Mill (1848 gold discovery site)
SOUTH ___ Pole (Roald Amundsen's discovery)
ROSETTA ___ stone (1799 discovery)
ROSESARERED ___ stone (1799 discovery)
ROSETTA ___ Stone (hieroglyphic discovery)
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