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Crossword Answers : B–F links
CDE B–F links
ARNIES __ Army: links group
ARNIES ___ Army on the links.
ARNIES ___ Army (links group)
ARNIE ___ Army, on the links.
ARNIES ___ Army: links group
CHANDLER ___ Harper links great
CHANDLER ___ Harper, links great
LEY ___ lines (mystical links of ancient monuments)
RUBOF ___ the green (links luck)
PGA ___ Tour (links organization)
RUBOF _____ the green (links luck)
HITAHOLEINONE ... on the links
YOURE "___ on the green" (welcome words on the links)
PETESEEGER "All songwriters are links in a chain" source
ITSONLYLOVE "Help!" song about not being intimidated by Davis on the links?
MNO "L & P" links
SNEAD "Slammin' Sammy" of the links
PALMER "The King" of the links
ARIP "You've got ___ in your pants" (embarrassing thing to be told on the links)
GOLFBALLMARKER *Links accessory
GOIRISH *Links accessory
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