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Crossword Answers : Author Steinhauer with thebest seller "The Tourist"
OLEN Author Steinhauer with thebest seller "The Tourist"
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
MONTEGO __ Bay, tourist destination in Jamaica
COSTA __ Brava (Spanish tourist area)
COSTA __ Brava: Spanish tourist site
OLDE __ Mistick Village: CT tourist site
PARCS __ nationaux: French tourist attractions
AYERS __ Rock: Australian tourist spot
IAO __ Valley, Maui tourist attraction
USS ___ Arizona Memorial (tourist attraction in Honolulu Hawaii)
TSAR ___ Bell (tourist attraction near the Kremlin Wall)
PHRASE ___ book (foreign tourist's aid)
COSTA ___ Brava (Spanish tourist area)
NATURAL ___ Bridge (Kentucky tourist attraction)
TSAR ___ Cannon (Kremlin tourist attraction)
CARLSBAD ___ Caverns (New Mexico tourist attraction)
CNN ___ Center (Atlanta tourist attraction)
EPCOT ___ Center (tourist attraction in Orlando Florida)
GLEN ___ Coe (Scottish tourist spot)
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