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Crossword Answers : Auspicious
RIPE Auspicious
LUCKY Auspicious
ROSY Auspicious
FORTE Auspicious
OPPORTUNE Auspicious
RIPA Auspicious
FORTUNATE Auspicious
THEACE . . . auspicious as / ___ of spades: Wilbur
THEACE " . . . auspicious as / ___ of spades": Wilbur
THEACE "... auspicious as / ___ of spades": Wilbur
SIVA "Auspicious one" of Hinduism
SHIVA "Auspicious one" of Hinduism
RIPE At an auspicious time
RIPELY At an auspicious time
ROSY Auspicious as one's future
RIPE Auspicious as time
FLYINGSTART Auspicious beginning
KOI Auspicious fishes
SWASTIKA Auspicious Hindu symbol turned on its side by the Nazis
EVES Auspicious nights
SIVA Auspicious one of Hinduism
OMEN Auspicious sign
THESUN Auspicious tarot card
PHOTOOP Auspicious time for shooting
ROSY Auspicious, as one's future
RIPE Auspicious, as time
FORTS Auspicious.
LUCKY Auspicious.
BRIGANTINE Auspicious.
LUCIAN Auspicious.
FORTUNATE Auspicious.
Auctionary Auspicious.
Audaciously Having omens or tokens of a favorable issue; giving promise of success, prosperity, or happiness; predicting good; as, an auspicious beginning.
RIPEN More auspicious
RIPER More auspicious
ROSIER More auspicious
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