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Crossword Answers : An ex of Mickey's
AVA An ex of Mickey's
MINUTEHAND One of Mickey's arms on a Mickey Mouse watch
STEAMBOAT __ Willie, Mickey’s first film, released in
MINI ___ Mouse (Mickey's son?)
MOROSE *Mickey's rival for Minnie's affection
MORTERMOUSE *Mickey's rival for Minnie's affection
AVA Actress in Mickey's past
MALT Colt 45 or Mickey's
KATZPAWS Comedian Mickey's dupes?
AVA First of Mickey's wives
DEREK He broke Mickey's record for most games played as a Yankee on August 29 2011
DEREK He broke Mickey's record for most games played as a Yankee on August 29, 2011
WALT He provided Mickey's voice
WALNUT He provided Mickey's voice
MOUSEEARS Headpiece for kids in Mickey's TV club
MALT Like Colt 45 and Mickey's
MALESONWHEELS Like Colt 45 and Mickey's
BROOMS Mickey's 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' staffers
SYLVIA Mickey's "Love Is Strange" singing partner
BROOMS Mickey's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" staffers
MARISA Mickey's "The Wrestler" co-star
MOUSEPAD Mickey's abode?
EARS Mickey's are big
RATTER Mickey's basketball strategy?
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