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Crossword Answers : Agrees to.
YESES Agrees to.
YESSES Agrees to.
ASSENTS Agrees to.
ASSENTED Agrees to.
YESORNO Agrees to.
ASPS Agrees (to)
ASSENTS Agrees (to)
SAYSYES Agrees (to)
INKS Agrees to as a contract
SHAKESON Agrees to as a deal
INKS Agrees to in a way
SHAKESON Agrees to in a way
OKRA Agrees to
OKAYS Agrees to
OKAY Agrees to
OKS Agrees to
YESSES Agrees to
ACCEPTS Agrees to
ABU Agrees to
SAYSYES Agrees to
BETS Agrees to "make things interesting"
BETARELEASE Agrees to "make things interesting"
SIGNS Agrees to a contract
ACCEPTSAAHOFFER Agrees to a deal dentist-style?
ACCEPTSAAHOFFER Agrees to a deal, dentist-style?
SEES Agrees to a raise
SAYSIDO Agrees to be wed
ASSENTS Agrees to being dispatched in a ship
GREASE Agrees to bribery
BEN Agrees to compromise
BENDS Agrees to compromise
TAKESON Agrees to do as a task
TAKESON Agrees to face
TAKESON Agrees to fight
TAKENABACK Agrees to fight
OPP Agrees to participate
SIGNSON Agrees to participate
OPTSIN Agrees to participate
ENGAGES Agrees to see gang
GREASE Agrees to see Travolta film
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