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Crossword Answers : Adversary
FOE Adversary
FLIP Adversary
ENE Adversary
RITE Adversary
FLIT Adversary
FOAL Adversary
ENDURE Adversary
FOCI Adversary
RIVAL Adversary
FOCH Adversary
ENEFFET Adversary
FLU Adversary
ENEMY Adversary
RITES Adversary
ENEMIES Adversary
FOALS Adversary
FOCUS Adversary
OPPOSER Adversary
OPPONENT Adversary
FODOR Adversary
PETER __ Pan (Captain Hook adversary)
ALI ___ Baba (40 thieves' adversary)
ALI ___ Baba (forty thieves adversary)
PERRY ___ Mason frequent adversary of Hamilton Burger on TV
PETER ___ Pan (Captain Hook adversary)
MINI ___-Me (Austin Powers adversary)
MINI __-Me (Austin Powers adversary)
SATAN "Adversary" in Hebrew
PIXIE "Angry" adversary in Enid Blyton's "Faraway Tree" series
GYP "Boardwalk Empire" adversary
ALIBABA "Forty Thieves" adversary
KAOS "Get Smart" adversary
MARLIN "Old Man and the Sea" adversary
ENVY "The adversary of the fortunate"
WOLF "The Three Little Pigs" adversary
MIG "Top Gun" adversary
ELMER "Wabbit Twouble" adversary
OSAMA "Zero Dark Thirty" adversary
RIDDLER =-loving Batman adversary
DRNO 007 adversary
GOLDFINGER 007 adversary
KGB 007 adversary
DRJ 007 adversary
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