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Crossword Answers : Adheres
BIND Adheres
BINDS Adheres
BOND Adheres
HEWS Adheres
BONDS Adheres
GLUES Adheres
STICKS Adheres
Adessenarian One who adheres; one who adheres; one who follows a leader, party, or profession; a follower, or partisan; a believer in a particular faith or church.
CLINGS ___ to (adheres)
CLIGS ___ to (adheres)
BONDS *Adheres
BOMB *Adheres
CLITCHES Adheres in British dialect.
CLEAVES Adheres ... or separates
HEWS Adheres (to)
DUCTTAPES Adheres in a pinch maybe
CLEAVES Adheres tightly (to) (or splits dramatically)
OBEYS Adheres to as a rule
HUGS Adheres to
EATSRIGHT Adheres to a healthy diet
TAKESASTAND Adheres to one's principles
TAKES Adheres to one's principles.
TAKESASTAND Adheres to one's principles.
OBESE Adheres to, as a rule
HUGO Adheres to.
HUGS Adheres to.
CLIPS Adheres, in British dialect.
SHEARED Badly adheres to the cut
CLEAVES Firmly adheres
CLEATS Firmly adheres.
CLEAVES Firmly adheres.
Arcubalister One who adheres to or believes the doctrines of Arius.
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