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Crossword Answers : Actress ___ Michelle Gellar from "Cruel Intentions"
SARAH Actress ___ Michelle Gellar from "Cruel Intentions"
RYAN Cruel Intentions costar Phillippe
REESE Witherspoon of "Cruel Intentions"
PAVED . . . ___ with good intentions
MEANNO ___ harm (have good intentions)
SENDA ___ message (signal one's intentions)
PAVED " . . . ___ with good intentions"
MALICE Bad intentions
SPAR Box without harmful intentions
MASKS Conceals one's intentions
ISSUEAMANIFESTO Declare one's intentions publicly
ACTSINGOODFAITH Demonstrates sincere intentions
PLOTS Devious intentions
SPAM Fight without harmful intentions
POLICYSTATEMENT Government declaration of its intentions
MEANSNOILLWILL Has the best intentions
MEANWELL Have good intentions
EVILMINDED Having harmful intentions
AIMS Intentions
ENDS Intentions
DESIGNS Intentions
GOESAT Like the intentions the starred clues are paved with
SKULKERS Lurkers with bad intentions