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Crossword Answers : Actress Lindsay ___ from "Mean Girls"
LOHAN Actress Lindsay ___ from "Mean Girls"
CROWN Mean, mean, mean
Authorization Pertaining to an average or mean; medial; containing a mean proportion; of a mean size, quality, ability, etc.; ordinary; usual; as, an average rate of profit; an average amount of rain; the
NIKKISIXX Bassist on the album "Girls, Girls, Girls"
MOMMY Girls Girls Girls band, corrected?
BEVY Girls, girls, girls
ELVISPRESLEY Girls! Girls! Girls! star
NOD Motley Crue song off "Girls, Girls, Girls"
AUTHORITY A mean proportion, medial sum or quantity, made out of unequal sums or quantities; an arithmetical mean. Thus, if A loses 5 dollars, B 9, and C 16, the sum is 30, and the average 10.
EVIL Having a mean, mean look
DEI It can make mean men, but it can't make men mean
AUTHORIZE To find the mean of, when sums or quantities are unequal; to reduce to a mean.
FEY 'Mean Girls' screenwriter Tina
LOGO Actress Lindsay of "Mean Girls"
AARON Cady's "Mean Girls" love interest
CATFOODFIGHT Fancy Feast product / Cafeteria outburst / "Mean Girls" event
CATCHINALIE Fancy Feast product / Cafeteria outburst / "Mean Girls" event
AMPERE Gasteyer of 'Mean Girls'
ANA Gasteyer of "Mean Girls"
LOHAN Lindsay of "Mean Girls"
LOHAN Mean Girls actress
AMANDA Mean Girls actress Seyfried