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Crossword Answers : Actor Donahue of "Cyclone"
TROY Actor Donahue of "Cyclone"
CONES ___ Island (home of the Cyclone)
CONEY ___ Island (home of the Cyclone)
NEIL 2000s rock singer with the hit albums "Hell-On" and "Middle Cyclone"
NEKOCASE 2000s rock singer with the hit albums "Hell-On" and "Middle Cyclone"
LOW A cyclone is a big one
LOVEHANDLES A cyclone is a big one
Anthozoan A movement of the atmosphere opposite in character, as regards direction of the wind and distribution of barometric pressure, to that of a cyclone.
NECTAR Alt-country "Middle Cyclone" singer Case
NEDS Alt-country "Middle Cyclone" singer Case
NEKO Alt-country "Middle Cyclone" singer Case
DARWIN Capital of Australia's Northern Territory that was hit by Cyclone Tracy in 1974 as they were celebrating the holidays
EYE Center of a cyclone
LFRANKBAUM Chapter I of his best-known book is "The Cyclone"
RIDE Coney Island Cyclone e.g.
ROLLERCOASTER Coney Island Cyclone for one
RIDE Coney Island Cyclone, e.g.
ROLLERCOASTER Coney Island Cyclone, for one
CALL Contact everyone after onset of cyclone
LOW Cyclone on a weather map
EYE Cyclone center
EXTRA Cyclone center
EYEOFTHESTORM Cyclone center
EXETER Cyclone center
EXTRAPOINT Cyclone center
EYES Cyclone centers
WILLYWILLY Cyclone down under
OCEAN Cyclone location
FENCE Cyclone or picket e.g.
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