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Crossword Answers : Actor Boen from "The Terminator"
EARL Actor Boen from "The Terminator"
ROLE The Terminator in "The Terminator," e.g.
ARM The Terminator's remains at the end of "The Terminator"
TASSE It may hold the thé
LAIT Thé addition
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
CAFE Where to order un thé
ILL ___ be back ("The Terminator" line)
SARA ___ Connor of "The Terminator"
SARAH ___ Connor of "The Terminator"
KURD ___ Reese, soldier in "The Terminator"
LINDAHAMILTON "The Terminator" co-star
SARAH "The Terminator" heroine
REESE "The Terminator" man Kyle ___
SARAH "The Terminator" woman
LENA Actress Headley of "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"
CYBORG Arnold's Terminator, e.g.
SKYNET Artificial intelligence bad guy in the Terminator franchise
SKEG Evil computer system in 'The Terminator'
LINDA Hamilton of "The Terminator"
KYLE He went back in time to save Sarah in The Terminator
REESE Kyle ___ ("Terminator Genesis" hero)