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Crossword Answers : Abdul, formerly of "American Idol"
PATTY Abdul, formerly of "American Idol"
PAULA Abdul formerly of "American Idol"
KRIS ___ Allen ("American Idol" winner)
SHE ___ Bangs (William Hung's "American Idol" song)
LUKE ___ Bryan "American Idol" judge
LUIS ___ Bryan, "American Idol" judge
KELLY ___ Clarkson American Idol
FOX 'American Idol' broadcaster
JLO 'American Idol' judge familiarly
ABDUL 'American Idol' judge
PAULA 'American Idol' judge Abdul
ABDUL 'American Idol' judge Paula
COSA 'American Idol' judge Simon
COWELL 'American Idol' judge Simon
MIC 'American Idol' prop
AIKEN 'American Idol' runner-up Clay
SHE "___ Bangs" (William Hung's "American Idol" song)
TALENTSHOW "American Idol " e.g.
FOX "American Idol" airer
AIKEN "American Idol" alum
AIKEN "American Idol" alum Clay
AIKEN "American Idol" alumnus and erstwhile political candidate Clay
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