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Crossword Answers : A plus?
ASSET A plus?
THE A plus?
PLUG ___ Knightâ€‌: Blaine's Presidential campaign title, 1876. nyt 1948 PLUS Added feature. nyt 1948 PLUS Positive quantity. nyt 1948 PLUTONIUM Element no. 94, formed from U. 238. nyt 1948 POCONO
FACT "Twelve plus one" anagrams to "eleven plus two " e.g.
AMINUS B plus plus
PROWSEANDKHANS Dancer plus Ayub plus Kubla
KARR He said, "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"
KARLS He said, "Plus أ§a change, plus c'est la mأھme chose."
PACKAGEDEAL Hotel room plus meals plus transportation say
PACKAGEDEAL Hotel room plus meals plus transportation, say
BELLBUCKANDKENDALL Inventor plus author plus novelist
JUMPJIVEANWHALE Louis Prima song 'bout a leap plus hepcat slang plus a marine mammal?
HOOKELYONANDSINGER Physicist plus actress plus novelist
OBESE Plus-sized plus
OBESE Plus-sized, plus
TRIAD Root plus minor third plus perfect fifth for one
TRIAD Root plus minor third plus perfect fifth, for one
ICANADD They Might be Giants number with the lyric "One plus one is two/Two plus two is four"
FOURTEEN Three plus ten plus one
NEWMATH Tom Lehrer number with the lyric "And you know why four plus minus one plus ten is fourteen minus one?"
FACT Twelve plus one anagrams to "eleven plus two," e.g.
MORGAN U.K. maker of "Plus 4" & "Plus 8" sportsters
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