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Crossword Answers : A T TV or r radio
COSTELLO "Radio Radio" rocker
FREQUENCY Amateur radio is the private use of radio __
STERN Most-fined radio radio personality
IRA Radio host Flatow or radio host Shapiro backward
COSTELLO Radio Radio rocker
GRID Part of a radio tube
LUM __ 'N' Abner: old radio show
AREWE __ Alone?: SETI radio program
LUM __ and Abner: old radio show
SLEEPLESS __ in Seattle, radio talk show romantic comedy
EASY __ listening (radio format)
VOX __ Pop (old-time radio show)
AOL __ Radio
ROSIE __ Radio (O'Donnell talk show)
HOWARD __ Stern, radio show host
WALKIE __ Talkie, two way radio, 80s toy essential
WALKIE __ Talkie, two way radio, s toy essential
ONAIR __ with Ryan Seacrest: L.A. radio show
LUM ___ & Abner (radio comedy team)
EASY ___ Aces of radio fame
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