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Crossword Answers : A Soprano
CARE A Soprano
ELEANOR Soprano Steber
BADA ___ Bing (Tony Soprano's hangout)
INGE ___ Borkh, opera soprano
INGE ___ Borkh, opera soprano.
TREBLE ___ clef (symbol for soprano music)
HART ___ Curci, famous Italian-Spanish soprano (5)
GALES ___ Curci, famous Italian-Spanish soprano.
ALMA ___ Gluck, former Met soprano
ALLY ___ Gluck, former Met soprano.
RAINA ___ Kabaivanska Met soprano
RAINA ___ Kabaivanska, Met soprano
LOTTE ___ Lehmann memorable soprano
LOTTE ___ Lehmann, memorable soprano
AASE ___ Loeveberg Norwegian soprano
AASE ___ Loeveberg, Norwegian soprano
NINA ___ Morgana, American soprano
NINA ___ Morgana, American soprano.
MALE ___ soprano
MAKO ___ soprano
BALD ___ Soprano : Ionesco play
CARLOS ___ Soprano (Edie Falco role)
CARMELA ___ Soprano (Edie Falco role)
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