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Crossword Answers : Aأ¯da composer
VERDI Aأ¯da composer
ELF Coronation Odeâ€‌ composer. nyt 1956 ELGAR English composer. nyt 1956 ELGAR English composer. nyt 1956 ELI Actor Wallach. nyt 1956 ELI Actor Wallach. nyt 1956 ELI Actor Wallach. nyt 1956 ELI
ARN Comusâ€‌ composer nyt 1999 ARNE Judith" composer
ELGAR Falstaffâ€‌ composer nyt 1995 ELGAR King Olaf" composer
OFFENBACH Operetta composer whose name contains another composer
LEHAR Zigeunerliebeâ€‌ composer nyt 1994 LEHAR Operetta composer nyt 1994 LEHI Utah town nyt 1994 LEHR Annealing oven nyt 1994 LEHR Comic Lew nyt 1994 LEHR Glassmaker's oven nyt 1994 LEHR Glassmake
WHELAN `Riverdance` composer Bill
ANTHONY __ Burgess, English writer and composer
MODEST __ Mussorgsky, humble Russian composer
DMITRI __ Shostakovic, Russian composer of symphonies
ANTONIO __ Vivaldi, composer of The Four Seasons
LEROY ___ Anderson composer of "Syncopated Clock"
LEOS ___ Anderson, composer of "Syncopated Clock"
MAE ___ Axton co-composer of "Heartbreak Hotel"
MAE ___ Axton, co-composer of "Heartbreak Hotel"
MADPROPS ___ Axton, co-composer of "Heartbreak Hotel"
PDQ ___ Bach ("Fanfare for the Common Cold" composer)
PDA ___ Bach ("Fanfare for the Common Cold" composer)
GIAN ___ Carlo Menotti (American composer)
GIAN ___ Carlo Menotti (composer)
GHOUL ___ Carlo Menotti (composer)
ROUGED ___ de Lisle, composer of "Marseillaise."
ROUGET ___ de Lisle, composer of "Marseillaise"
ZADE ___ Dirani (Jordanian pianist and composer)
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