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Crossword Answers : 88 Down, for one
CEL 88 Down, for one
DITTO , in a list cs 2001 DIVA 7-Down, for one cs 2001 DIVA Mills or Sills cs 2001 DIVA Sills or Mills cs 2001 DIVA Star songstress cs 2001 DIVAN Parlor piece cs 2001 DIVE Go off the deep end cs 20
ASS 1 Down, for one
HOOPSTER 1 Down, for one
NONCOM 1-Down, for one
NCO 1-Down, for one
OPERA 10 Down, for one
ISAAC 10-Down, for one
PLEA 100-Down, for one
POET 107 Down, for one
SIEVE 11-Down, for one
RAPPER 113-Down, for one
ROOT 12 Down, for one
GIA 12-Down, for one
SPORTCAR 12-Down, for one
SHOW 120-Down, for one
ISLE 14-Down, for one
MARTYR 14-Down, for one
OPERA 16-Down, for one
OPER 16-Down, for one
POET 18 Down for one
UNI 18-Down, for one
ALTER 19-Down, for one
TRY 2 Down, for one
HIGHROLLER 2 Down, for one
STATE 2-Down, for one
ORDER 2-Down, for one
COERCE 21-Down, for one: Abbr.
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