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Crossword Answers : 48 DOWN, SLANGILY
COPA ___ squat (sit down slangily)
COPA ___ squat (sit down, slangily)
CHILL Calm down slangily
SCARFUP Down slangily
SCARFUP Down, slangily
STRAFES Dresses down slangily
INHALE Gobble down slangily
INHALE Gobble down, slangily
DIS Put down slangily
DISSED Put down slangily
SLAM Put down slangily
SLAM Put down slangily
DINE Put down, slangily
DIS Put down, slangily
DIRTYWORK Put down, slangily
DISPLAYSVEILS Put down, slangily
DISSED Put down, slangily
PARKEDIT Sat down slangily
PARKEDIT Sat down, slangily
PARKSIT Sits down slangily
PARKSIT Sits down, slangily
NEG Turn down slangily
NEB Turn down, slangily
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